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I was born in September 24, 1980, in Athens Greece.

My general interest in the world of design and fine arts led me study ‘Interior Architecture, Applied Arts Education and Product Design’ in Technological Educational Institute of Athens (1999-2004), follow by ‘School of Architecture’ in the National Technical University of Athens (2005-2010).

Since 2000, I have been working in several Architecture and Design studios in Athens, Greece.


The pipe_


My ‘journey’ in the world of pipe smoking and tobacciana begin in 2004. I immediately was taken by the form, beauty and function of the pipe as a smoking instrument along with the complex pleasure of smoking pipe tobacco.

Making my first pipe was only a matter of time. Since then (2007) I am a hobby pipe maker running a workshop in Athens, Greece.

From 2014 I am a full time pipe maker producing around 110 pipes per year.




All pipes are stamped with my name, logo and an ascending number/ year of make



Thank you,


Chris Asteriou


The materials_

I use Greek briar blocks for making my pipes. Greek briar is known for its excellent smoking qualities and sweet taste.


My handcut mouthpieces are made from German ebonite. I turn the tenons from the same stock and reinforce them with stainless steel tube for durability.


I often use sterling silver rings and bamboo shank extensions.

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